Agricultural Ventures

At Eagle Integrated Organic Farm, a subsidiary of The Igorithm network, agriculture isn't just a sector we operate in; it's a passion that drives our vision of sustainable and quality-driven production. Our agricultural endeavours reflect a careful blend of traditional knowledge with cutting-edge technology, ensuring that our products are both ethically and organically produced and of the highest quality

Services We Provide

Our journey in agriculture is deeply interwoven with livestock management, especially in the areas of poultry, fishery, and snailery.

Each of these sub-sectors receives our dedicated attention to detail as our commitment isn't just towards volume but more importantly towards quality. Our poultry farms are organically optimised for the well-being of the birds, guaranteeing healthier produce.

Our fishery projects focus on sustainable fish rearing using the ponds and maintaining good aquaculture practices. The snailery, while unique, gets the same dedication to ensuring the snails are reared in the best conditions. We have the best staff that upholds the standard of practising pure organic farming

Our commitment to our consumers goes beyond just primary production. Recognizing the immense potential in optimising each step of the production process, we ventured into the realms of value chain addition.

This means that at our farm, we serve as off-takers to farmers, especially palm fruits and cassava farmers; From processing the raw products (PKO and Cassava flour), we uniquely package them to ensure that our end
products reach consumers fresh and untainted to distribution which ensures that our products are available far and wide, we're involved at every step.

Our value chain addition isn't just a business strategy; it's our promise of quality and excellence to our stakeholders and consumers.

Our Vision for the Future in Agriculture

As we continue to grow and expand our agricultural initiatives, our vision remains clear: to be a beacon of quality and sustainability in the agricultural sector. We aim to innovate continuously, exploring newer and more efficient ways of production, all while ensuring that the heart of our operations, the livestock, and processing, are treated with the care and respect they deserve